“Sharing is caring” – the Universal Language of Food - Irish Soda Bread Company

“Sharing is caring” – the Universal Language of Food

    From a heartwarming letter to a gesture as small as a simple smile, the language we use to show our love for those we care about comes in many forms.

    Chief among them is food, an unspoken language that brings communities together. Food creates traditions, calls people into community, and offers comfort from a complicated world. We create traditions using food. We celebrate events and holidays through food.

    Here at Ms. Maureen’s Home Baked Goods, we really do believe sharing caring.  Our family has made Irish soda bread using a recipe passed down from generation to generation.  My husband convinced me this is too good to keep from the rest of the world.

    Ms. Maureen’s currently offers three distinct types of Irish soda bread. Each batch is hand-made using only the freshest and natural of ingredients.

    1. Irish Soda Bread: Our most popular product is a sweeter variety of Irish soda bread made with raisins and eaten most often by our relatives from the south of Ireland. It is best served warm.
    2. Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread: Similar to our first product but heartier and made with whole wheat flour. Nonetheless delicious.
    3. Irish Brown Bread: Looking for something even heartier, less sweet, and more traditional? Look no further. Our “Irish brown bread,” sans raisins, goes well with any soup, stew, or main course.

    Do you have any special memories you would like to share? Have you tried our soda bread and want to let us know what you think? Please leave a comment along with any other thoughts or suggestions you have either below or on our Facebook page “Ms Maureen’s Home Baked Goods.”